We encourage wider understanding of the science of radio frequency and health. This page contains external links to sources of authoritative information.

International Organisations & Initiatives

> World Health Organisation International EMF Project, Geneva, Switzerland

> EMF-NET An EU project on the effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields on public health and in the workplace

> IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer

> ICNIRP International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection

> International Electrotechnical Commission An international body that develops standards for electrical and electronic equipment

> GSM Association An international association of mobile network operators

> Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF) An international association of mobile handset and equipment manufacturers

> Bioelectromagnetics Society  A society promoting scientific research of EMF and biological interaction

> Emerging EMF Technologies & Health Risk Management - European Cooperation in Science Technology Research

> European Commission - EMF & Health Information


National Organisations & Initiatives

> Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)

> ARPANSA EMF and Health Fact Sheets

> Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA)

> Elettra 2000 Consortium

> Australian Centre for Radio frequency Bioeffects Research (ACRBR)

> Australian Science Week - (communication technology and health)


> French Health and Radio frequencies foundation

> Health Protection Agency (UK)

> Health Canada - Consumer Radiation

> Health Council of the Netherlands

> Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (UK Stewart Group)

> National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health (Canada)

> Sense about Science (UK) - Making Sense of Radiation

> Swedish Radiation Safety Authority

> Swiss Federal Office of Public Health

> Swiss Research Foundation on Mobile Communication

> UK Mobile Operators Association

> Mobile telecommunications Health Research (MTHR)

> US Federal Communications Commission - wireless technology FAQ's

> US Food and Drug Administration - information on cell phones

> US National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety - Phones & Health


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