ICNIRP Reports No Evidence of Health Hazards

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has published a two part review, one addressing epidemiological evidence related to mobile phones and one reviewing evidence for the full radio-frequency (RF) spectrum.

  • For mobile phones, the reviews concluded that the experimental data shows no adverse health effects below current safety standards and no evidence that children are more susceptible than adults. The epidemiology data shows no increased risk up to 10 years use and the current studies are too limited to assess beyond 10 years.

  • For base stations, the reviews concluded on the basis of both experimental and epidemiological evidence that that the radio signals from mobile phone base stations are unlikely to create a health hazard, a view supported by the WHO. 

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Note large file & Epidemiology review is on page 320


The first paper, authored by the ICNIRP Standing Committee on Epidemiology and published in Epidemiology concludes:

'...Overall the studies published to date do not demonstrate an increased risk within approximately 10 years of use for any tumor of the brain or any other head tumor...For slow-growing tumors...the absence of association reported thus far is less conclusive because the observation period has been too short.'

The second report is a 358 page RF review prepared as an input to the WHO EMF project and also as a basis for ICNIRP to review its own exposure recommendations.

On the basis of experimental evidence the report concludes:

  • the '...the plausibility of various non-thermal mechanisms that have been proposed is very low.'
  • '...recent in vitro and animal genotoxicity and carcinogenicity studies are rather consistent overall and indicate that such effects are unlikely at SAR levels up to 4 W kg-1.'
  • subjective symptoms '...are not causally related to EMF exposure.'
  • 'The experimental data do not suggest so far that children are more susceptible than adults to RF radiation, but few relevant studies have been conducted.'

In relation to epidemiology:

'Results of epidemiological studies to date give no consistent or convincing evidence of a causal relation between RF exposure and any adverse health effect. On the other hand, these studies have too many deficiencies to rule out an association.'

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