EMF levels from wireless devices in homes - ACRBR Report

With the expanded use of radiofrequency (RF) communication technologies, questions have been raised concerning the RF levels that the community is exposed to. Such questions relate to the amount of electromagnetic energy (EME) that people are exposed to from devices such as mobile phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi and cordless routers, both individually and due to their cumulative exposure.

The present study tested such RF EME levels in 20 suburban homes in Melbourne, Australia, assessing EME levels from devices in isolation, as well as from their cumulative exposure. Overall, measurements were very low, with the highest level for a particular home less than 1% of national exposure limits.

In terms of individual devices, the highest level was less than 10% of national exposure limits, and the effect of having all RF devices on simultaneously in a home (cumulative exposure) had little effect on the results. This study suggests that the use of RF devices in an average suburban home results in very low RF EME exposure (compared to national exposure limits), and that this conclusion is not affected by having numerous RF devices operating simultaneously.

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