The Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel: A Review of Safety Code 6

Health Canada regularly reviews SC6 to ensure that it is based on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge. In 2013, it proposed several revisions to bring SC6 in line with current knowledge and other international standards and asked the Royal Society of Canada to form an Expert Panel to review the proposed changes to SC6.

The Panel was asked to determine whether SC6 limits provide adequate protection from established adverse health effects, whether there are other potential health impacts that should be considered, and whether additional precautionary measures should be recommended.

The report outlines the evidence considered by the Panel and presents their response to the questions posed by the Royal Society. In addition, the Panel identified where there are gaps in the current state of knowledge and where further research is warranted.

The public summary of the report states:

"Available studies suggest that the basic restrictions recommended in Safety Code 6 do provide adequate protection against known adverse health effects across the radiofrequency range.

However, the science of exposure measurement is still developing and further research is required to not only examine the effects of exposure to new and emerging technologies, but also to compare the effectiveness of the recommended reference levels against the findings of new studies".

Click here for the Royal Society Report on Safety Code 6