base stations not linked to cancer in children - British Medical Journal

Researchers from Imperial College London have found that base stations are not linked to an increased risk of early childhood cancers due to proximity and the mother’s exposure to EMF during pregnancy.

In new research published in the British Medical Journal (June 2010), the researchers conclude:

‘…In summary, we found no association between risk of childhood cancers and mobile phone base station exposures during pregnancy. The results of our study should help to place any future reports of cancer clusters near mobile phone base stations in a wider public health context.'

Providing advice to doctors and patients the researchers say:

‘…Meanwhile, clinicians should reassure patients not to worry about proximity to mobile phone masts. Moving away from a mast, with all its stresses and costs, cannot be justified on health grounds in the light of current evidence. The epidemiological evidence is also supported by experimental evidence, which has so far failed to show any biological effects—in vivo or in vitro—that might lead us to worry about the impact on health.'

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