ARPANSA Audit shows very low EME Levels near base stations

A survey undertaken by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) shows exposure levels from antennas and base stations operated by Australia’s telecommunications carriers are hundreds to thousands of times below the allowable limit.

Results from the latest survey of four sites in Queensland, the Northern Territory and ACT show the maximum level of RF emissions from these base stations (operating at full power) was just 0.890% of the ARPANSA safety standard limit for public exposure. This level is more than 100 times below the safety standard.   The maximum measurements recorded were: 0.127% in Holt (ACT); 0.890% in Palmerston (NT); 0.052% in Wynnum North (QLD); and 0.051% in Calamvale (QLD).

These four sites were of particular interest because they were chosen for the number of antennas located on the one site. There were at least four, and as many as seven, different telecommunications services co-located and operating on the one site. It was expected that these sites would have higher exposure levels because of the relatively large number of services operating in the same location.

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