UK Health Protection Agency - Updated information on Mobile Phones and Masts

The UK Health Protection Agency (HPA) has recently updated it's web site and information on mobile phones and health.  The HPA provides basic advice, information  on exposure guidelines, expert reviews, the Interphone study and other reports.

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On mobile phones and health the HPA says

"There are thousands of published scientific papers covering research about the effects of various types of radio waves on cells, tissues, animals and people. The scientific consensus is that, apart from the increased risk of a road accident due to mobile phone use when driving, there is no clear evidence of adverse health effects from the use of mobile phones or from phone masts. However there is now widespread use of this relatively new technology and more research is needed in case there are long term effects."

"Along with the use of mobile telecommunications since the 1990s, the internet has also become an integral part of modern life for many people throughout the world. It provides a large source of information on a vast number of topics and can be very useful. However on many issues, including matters of health advice, people need to be discriminating and check that advice on the internet is from a reliable source."