Low Emissions from WiFi Confirmed by UK Health Protection Agency tests

The UK Health Protection Agency have recently conducted measurements on radio signals generated by laptop computers using Wi-Fi, and have found they are low power and exposures are well within safety guidelines.

The HPA report states "One aspect of public concern over Wi-Fi is its use by children in schools. So as part of its study into the technology scientists set up 15 laptop computers commonly used in UK schools and investigated the strength of the radiowaves around them.

The team measured very small output powers even when the devices were transmitting continuously and found the powers would be lower still with the intermittent transmissions that occur in normal use. The effective powers in the direction of maximum emission were in the range 17 to 57 milliwatts (mW) and well within the 100 mW limit set for Europe."

The report concludes "Our findings are consistent with the HPA position that exposures to the radio waves from Wi-Fi equipment are expected to be well within internationally-accepted exposure guidelines..."

Click here for the HPA WiFi report archive measurement information

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