The World Cancer Report 2008 provides a comprehensive overview of cancer for all those working in the field of health-care and research, and the general reader.  This report supplements the IARC monographs - the formal cancer classification process of IARC.

The World Cancer Report 2008 includes a section on electromagnetic radiation and mobile phones, and concludes;

Mobile Phones and Cancer Studies: "Radiofrequency radiation emitted by mobile telephones has been investigated in a number of studies. There is some evidence that long-term and heavy use of mobile/cellular phones may be associated with moderate increased risks of gliomas, parotid gland tumours, and acoustic neuromas; however, evidence is conflicting and a role of bias in these studies cannot be ruled out"

Mobile Phone Use and Cancer Risk: "With reference to radio frequency, available data do not show any excess risk of brain cancer and other neoplasms associated with the use of mobile phones"

World Cancer Report 2008  (EMR is page 170 Ch 2.12)

Incidence of Brain Tumours:  According to the IARC World Cancer Report 2008, the incidence of brain tumours since the introduction of widespread mobile phone use has remained relatively stable.

“After 1983 and more recently during the period of increasing prevalence of mobile phone users, the incidence has remained relatively stable for both men and women.”

World Cancer Report 2008 (page 461 Ch 5.23)

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