Swedish Radiation Safety Authority`s Review of EMF and Health - 2015

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has published its tenth report from the Scientific Council on Electromagnetic Fields that includes an update on the effects from use of mobile phones and the heath risks from radio frequency transmitters.   

Effects from use of mobile phones

"Based on some studies indicating an increased risk for glioma and vestibular schwannoma (acoustic neuroma) associated with wireless phone use, IARC in 2011 classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B).

However, in previous reports the Scientific Council of SSM has concluded that studies of brain tumours and other tumours of the head (vestibular schwannoma, salivary gland), together with national cancer incidence statistics from different countries, are not convincing in linking mobile phone use to the occurrence of glioma or other tumours of the head region among adults.

Recent studies described in this report do not change this conclusion although these have covered longer exposure periods. Scientific uncertainty remains for regular mobile phone use for time periods longer than 15 years. It is also too early to draw firm conclusions regarding risk of brain tumours in children and adolescents, but the available literature to date does not indicate an increased risk."

Health risks from Radio Frequency transmitters

"In line with previous studies, new studies on adult and childhood cancer with improved exposure assessment do not indicate any health risks for the general public related to exposure from radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from far-field sources, such as base stations and radio and TV transmitters. There is no new evidence indicating a causal link to exposure from far-field sources such as mobile phone base stations or wireless local data networks in schools or at home."

Click here to download the Tenth report from SSM’s Scientific Council on Electromagnetic Fields, 2015