ITU EMF Workshop - Using EMF to achieve the smartest sustainable city

Using electromagnetic fields (EMF) wisely makes our connected devices and systems work most efficiently, produces the lowest EMF and delivers vital infrastructure for communities.

This forum explores how information and communication technologies (ICTs) form the backbone of a smart sustainable city including updates from the WHO, ICNIRP and the ITU.

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Key Note Presentations

WHO PresentationEmilie van Deventer, Team Leader, Radiation Programme, WHO "Radiofrequencies and Health: A WHO Perspective" 

ICNIRP PresentationMaria Feychting, Vice Chairman, International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP): "Epidemiological studies of radiofrequency fields and brain tumors – the IARC evaluation and newer evidence"

GSMA PresentationJack Rowley, Senior Director, Research & Sustainability, GSMA: "Mobile Networks and EMF assessments in the Asia Pacific" 

ITU Presentation - Cristina Bueti, Adviser, “Environment and Climate Change”, ITU: ¨With ICTs everywhere, how safe is EMF?

ITU Presentation - Mike Wood, Leader - Technical Report on EMF for SSC, Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities: "Using EMF to achieve the smartest sustainable city"