Swedish Radiation Safety Authority – latest report on EMF and Health

Thirteen years of electromagnetic field research monitored by SSM’s Scientific Council on EMF and health: How has the evidence changed over time?

The latest report from the Swedish Scientific Council on EMF and health says most research in the past decade has been done into a possible relation between mobile phone use and brain tumours. Epidemiological studies have provided weak indications for an association between frequent and long-term use of a mobile phone and gliomas (malign tumours of the brain tissue) and vestibular schwannomas (also called acoustic neuromas, a benign tumour of the vestibulocochlear nerve that connects the ear to the inner brain)

The evidence is not very clear and unequivocal, however. Altogether it provides no or at most little indications for a risk for up to approximately 15 years of mobile phone use. No empirical data are available for longer use; however, cancer rates in Sweden and other countries do not show any increase that might be attributed to the massive mobile phone use that started in the beginning of this century. There are no indications from the few studies with cultured cells, that RF fields are capable of initiating a tumour. Many animal studies have been performed using a large spectrum of tumour types and long term, often lifelong, exposure. With very few exceptions, no effect of RF exposure on tumour growth and development has been found.

The report is available here