Swedish Radiation Safety Authority`s Review of EMF and Health - 2014

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority`s (SSM) scientific council of international experts has published the 2014 annual report on EMF and health.  The report covers different areas of EMF (static, low frequency intermediate and radio frequent fields) and different types of studies such as biological, human and epidemiological studies.

This report includes an update on key issues such as extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia, effects from mobile phones, health risk from transmitters and self-reported electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

In terms of EMF and health the reports says

“In line with previous studies, new research does not indicate any health risks for the general public related to exposure from radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from base stations for wireless networks, radio and TV transmitters, or wireless local data networks in schools or at home” 

Also, despite the classification of mobile phones as a possible carcinogen in 2011, the expert group says there is still no convincing evidence of a link with brain tumours and mobile phone use.

Click here for the SSM report