AMTA launches MobileSiteSafety Web App and YouTube channel

 A new mobile telecommunications industry web app for smartphones and tablets – MobileSiteSafety – provides streamlined public access to mobile network information, including the location of Australia’s nearly 14,000 base stations and reports on radio frequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME) levels and site compliance records.

The web app also provides specialised safe work procedures for workers, technicians and maintenance personnel accessing building rooftops, towers or other facilities with mobile base station antennas.

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) launched MobileSiteSafety at Science and Wireless 2013 in Melbourne. AMTA Chief Executive Officer, Chris Althaus, said MobileSiteSafety uses location-based services to provide the user with a map of their closest base stations.  

MobileSiteSafety is also available via the same web link on PC's or laptops, and provides an interactive tablet style window to the app.

Supplementing the new app is a MobileSiteSafety You Tube channel providing information on mobile base station safety and working near base station antennas.

MobileSiteSafety YouTube Channel

Click here for the AMTA Information on MobileSiteSafety