Anses - French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety - issue update on EMF Limits

ANSES has published the results of its assessment of the risks related to exposure to radiofrequencies based on a review of the international scientific literature, thereby updating the report on the state of knowledge published in 2009.

The update from ANSES states

"This update has not brought to light any proven health effect and does not result in any proposed new maximum exposure limits for the population.

However, limited levels of evidence do point to different biological effects in humans or animals. In addition, some publications suggest a possible increased risk of brain tumour, over the long term, for heavy users of mobile phones.

Given this information, and against a background of rapid development of technologies and practices, ANSES recommends limiting the population’s exposure to radiofrequencies – in particular from mobile phones – especially for children and intensive users, and controlling the overall exposure that results from relay antennas. It will also be further developing its work on electro-sensitive individuals, specifically by examining all the available French and international data on this topic that merits closer attention."

Click here for the ANSES report