New EU Directive to protect workers from EMF in the workplace

The EU has welcomed the adoption of the commissions proposal for a directive to update and improve the EU rules to protect workers from EMF in the workplace

The new draft directive takes account of new scientific studies in order to review exposure limitations, in particular in the low frequency range, so as to avoid the difficulties encountered with the implementation of the 2004 directive, while ensuring a high level of worker protection.

The text also addresses the problems encountered by introducing derogations from the exposure limitations for medical applications using magnetic resonance imaging and, in duly justified circumstances, upon authorisation by the member state and provided that limits are only temporarily exceeded, for specific industry sectors or activities.

In both cases, however, protection against adverse health effects and safety risks must be ensured. The directive also enables the member states to authorise, on their territory, an equivalent or a more specific protection system for the armed forces.

As the directive only defines minimum requirements, member states are free to maintain or establish stricter requirements.

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