6.6 billion mobile connections - Mobile networks are necessary to deliver a connected world

This GSMA animation explains the importance of mobile network infrastructure to delivering a connected world and highlights some of the policies that support efficient antenna deployment.

The efficient rollout of mobile phone network infrastructure is crucial to supporting the continued evolution of connected devices and machines – from smartphones and tablets to connected cars, medical equipment and future innovations.

Mobile Connection Statistics (end 2012):

  • 6.6 Billion mobile connections
  • 45% of the Worlds population uses mobile communications
  • On average consumers have 1.5 sim cards
  • 65% of mobile data useage occurs indoors
  • Global machine to machine (M2M) connections are forcast to rise from 2 billion in 2012 to 12 billion in 2020

To provide an uninterrupted and quality connection, every mobile phone or connected device relies on a signal from a network antenna, which range in size from tall towers to small antennas mounted on light poles.

As the number of connections in an area increases and the volume of data transferred between the network and devices grows, additional antennas need to be installed in the area and existing infrastructure needs to be upgraded to increase the capacity and speed of the network.

The GSMA’s new animation, entitled Mobile Networks Are Necessary to Deliver a Connected World, explains why mobile networks must continue to expand and evolve in response to the growth of connections and mobile data.

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