Mobi-Kids Study Commenced

The MOBI-KIDS international study investigating a relationship between communication technologies including mobile phones and environmental factors and brain cancer in young people has commenced. 

The international multi-centre study MOBI-KIDS is coordinated by Dr Cardis at the Centre for Research in environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) and involves research groups in 13 European and non-European countries. The study is funded by the European Union and local funding for non-EU collaborators.

Over a study period of five years, nearly 2000 young people between 10 to 24 years with brain tumours and a similar number of young people without a brain tumour will be invited to participate in the study. After a preparatory phase of one year, the invitations to join the study will start in 2010.

This is a similar study to INTERPHONE which gathered data on adult brain tumours.

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