European Commission Article about the Interphone Results

Interphone, the largest epidemiological investigation ever conducted into the link between cancer and mobile phones, is delivering its first results. While the interpretation of this study does not yet allow us to draw definite conclusions, it suggests that the use of mobile phones could promote the occurrence of certain brain tumours

The European Commission article states “the final Interphone results should be published within a few months”. Elisabeth Cardis, the Interphone coordinator, plays down the alarming nature of the early results:

‘…They do indeed indicate a possible increased risk among long-term users, but this observation is perhaps artificial, owing to two main biases that may invalidate the conclusions. On the one hand, the reports may be underestimated because of selection bias, i.e. the nearly 55 % non-response rate among healthy users. On the other hand, people with cancer may have overestimated their use of mobile phones. That is what is known as memorisation bias.’

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