ACRBR Science & Wireless 09 online - Bernard Veyret (ICNIRP) Keynote presentation

Dr Bernard Veyret from ICNIRP presents the latest information on mobile phones, base stations and health, and discusses the findings to date from INTERPHONE, and the most recent update on ICNIRP EMF safety guidelines. 

Science and Wireless 2009 was created to help raise public awareness of mobile phone research and answer questions about the health effects of mobile phones and Wi-Fi in schools, home and the workplace. The latest scientific research into telecommunications related health matters was made available, along with scientists and advisors who discussed policy and matters of concern.

Click here to view videos of the event, including interviews, keynote addresses with Dr. Bernard Veyret and Dr. Colin Roy from ARPANSA, and a panel discussion

Keynote presentation from Dr Bernard Veyret 

Interview with Dr Bernard Veyret