Cell Phones and cancer - interphone can't end the debate.

Michael Repacholi, former Coordinator of the WHO EMF project has published an opinion in 'New Scientist' discussing the much anticipated INTERPHONE study due to be published soon. 

From the opinion: 

"Do cellphones cause cancer? That question is about to be revived with the publication of a long-awaited study called Interphone. Given the public health implications, we can expect it to get a lot of media attention. But you should treat what you read and hear with caution.  A decade ago, when the study was being set up, there were great expectations that it would produce a definitive answer. It is now clear that it cannot."

Click here for Michael Repacholi's opinion in New Scientist

Michael Repacholi is a visiting professor of electronic engineering at the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. He coordinated the International EMF Project at the World Health Organization for 11 years and was at WHO when the Interphone project was proposed and commenced. He was founding chairman and is chairman emeritus of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection