The European Commission's independent Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR), has published an updated scientific Opinion on possible health risks from EMF. After a careful review of recent research the SCENIHR states:

'It is concluded from three independent lines of evidence (epidemiological, animal and in vitro studies) that exposure to RF fields is unlikely to lead to an increase in cancer in humans....'

The new Opinion points out that there is no overall increase in brain tumour rates but recommends further research to identify whether phone use well beyond 10 years might increase cancer risk.

SCENIHR also finds no overall scientific evidence of effects on self-reported symptoms, the nervous system, development or reproduction.

The European Commission summary states;

'The update considered more than 200 new scientific papers yet the conclusions differ little from the earlier opinion. Based on current evidence the main conclusions remain that radio frequency fields used in wireless communication technologies are unlikely to lead to an increase in cancer in the human population at large. However, further studies are needed to clarify if long-term exposure to mobile phones (well beyond 10 years) increases cancer risk for an individual using a mobile phone frequently and to examine the effects on children. The Commission has committed research funds from the 7th research framework programme to investigate the link between mobile phones and brain cancer risk in children...'

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