Spain: Scientific Advisory Committee CCARS finds no evidence that Wi-Fi effects schoolchildren

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Radio Frequencies and Health (CCARS) in Spain has drafted a report analysing the possible health effect of WiFi systems, which overwhelmingly concludes that

"at least to date, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that exposure to the low emission levels of these systems produces adverse health effects in schoolchildren".

The report contains statements to this effect published by the majority of organisations and agencies responsible for assessing the risks posed by electromagnetic fields, who agree that there is no scientific evidence that these wireless systems provoke adverse health effects.

Likewise, the report makes special reference to the UK Health Protection Agency, an organisation that has paid particular attention to this topic and has concluded that the intensity of the radio-frequency fields generated by WiFi transmitters is much lower than the current safe exposure level established by the competent international scientific organisations (ICNIRP and WHO) as well as by the Recommendation of the Council of the European Union on electromagnetic fields and Royal Decree 1066/2001.

Click here for the CCARS Report